The Metropolitan Athletics Congress (MAC) has a new name, USA Track & Field - Metropolitan.  The names of all the local chapters of our parent organization, USA Track & Field, have been changed as part of a uniform naming system.
About our organization
Founded in 1980, MAC is the regional association of USA Track and Field (“USATF”), and sanctions track and field events throughout New York City and the metropolitan area year-round.  With current support from the New York City Council, MAC serves approximately 5,500 individual members as well as clubs at the Youth, Open and Masters levels of competition.  MAC members come from the five New York City boroughs, surrounding communities and states. Members can choose to compete individually or to be affiliated with a club focused on a particular type of event, such as the National Championships.
Along with the athletics and recreational activities, our organization provides opportunities for young people to become strong and healthy in body, mind and spirit.  They are taught to take pride in their hard work and accomplishments.  They interact with nurturing adults who serve as role models.  MAC has over 60 member’s organizations, composed of track clubs for both youth and adults, with members from 6 to 90 years of age.  The majority (70%) of our youth are African Americans and Hispanics who reside in the toughest neighborhoods of our city, including South Bronx, West Brighton, East Harlem, Bedford Stuyvesant and Brownsville/East New York.  Twenty-five percent are 5-9; 40% are 10-13; 15% are 14-15; 10% are 16-19; and 10% are over twenty years old.
Using the best features of sports, MAC’s programs teach valuable life lessons, such as;
        the importance of setting and accomplishing goals,
        learn discipline,
        developing a positive attitude,
        experiencing a sense of teamwork
The USA Track & Field - Metropolitan achievements have won national, regional and local acclaim for their innovative use of athletics as a tool for the academic and social improvement of at-risk youth. Community leaders and service providers have commended the work of our organization.  The New York Times has recognized and praised USA Track & Field - Metropolitan services to the youth of our city.  The many personal success stories of our track club members further attest to the effectiveness of the USA Track & Field - Metropolitan Programs.
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