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USATF Track & Field suggested reading list:
1. Training for Young Distance Runners, Greene and Pate, 1997, Human Kinetics
2. Middle and Long Distances, Jarver, 2002, Track and Field News Press
3. Sport Physiology for Coaches, Sharkey and Gaskill, 2006, Human Kinetics
4. Textbook of Running Medicine, O'Connor and Wilder, 2001, McGraw-Hill
5. Biochemistry Primer for Exercise Science, Houston, 2001, Human Kinetics
6. Peak When it Counts, Freeman, 2001, Track and Field News Press
7. Basic Track & Field Biomechanics by Tom Ecker
8. The Psychology of High-Performance Track and Field.Vernacchia, R.A., & Statler, T.A. (Eds.) (2005).
9. Better Training for Distance Runners, Martin and Coe, 1997, Human Kinetics
10. Exercise Metabolism, Hargreaves and Spriet, 2006, Human Kinetics
11. Physiology of Sport and Exercise, Wilmore and Costill, 2004, Human Kinetics
Textbook of Running Medicine, O'Connor and Wilder, 2001, McGraw-Hill
The USATF Coaching Education Program provides educational opportunities for all levels of coaches, from grass roots to the elite level. The program is comprised of three progression levels, each of which has the following components: Sport Science, Technical Event-Specific Instruction & Hands-on Training
Link to coaching education schools:
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Americas Running Routes Map out your own route of find one in your area.
Quantum Athletics is offering a 15% discount with USATF Cards on athletics goods including clothing and shoes.
Quantum Athletics, 188-13 Union Tpke, Fresh Meadows, NY 11356
Tel: 718-454-3338 Fax: 718-217-0225 For website click here
A knowledgeable coach is a productive coach. For Information on setting goals, self motivation, strength and nutrition click here
JackRabbit Sports click here for more information
The New York City Sports Commission If you live in or near the NYC metropolitan area and love sports, this is a great website to visit.  NYC Sports Commissioner, Kenneth Podziba and his organization have a huge number of sporting events taking place in the 5 boroughs.  You can find out about upcoming events at their website -- it's not just for runners!  NYC Sports Commission
For your Athletic Shoes & Apparel visit, URBAN ATHLETICS at one of their two Stores, Uptown at 1291 Madison Avenue at 92nd Street, NYC Tel: 212-828-1906,  or Downtown at, 2 World Financial Center (in The Winter Garden), NYC Tel: 212-267-2247. Don't forget to mention that you are a race walker and you will receive 15% discount on race day or 10% discount at other times on all merchandise in the store.
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