To All MAC Members:
My name is RA Vernon, your newly elected president of our association, the USATF – Metropolitan (MAC).  I would like to start off by thanking those members that voted for me.  I believe that you have made the right choice for your leadership and MAC’s future.  For those that did not vote for me or may not have attended the conference to vote, I am confident that during the next 2 years, I will win your support and respect based on the positive changes you will see at MAC.
As you probably already know, the US economy is undergoing some major financial issues.  This issues will have a direct effect on MAC and the services we provide you.  I do think, however, that there are many things that we can do to offset some of the upcoming challenges.  During my administration, you will see a number of changes that will position MAC with a stronger and more professional posture, all of which will heighten the visibility of our athletes and our association.
I am currently working on a roadmap that will layout the directions I plan to take MAC and it will be followed up with strategic plan for getting us there. I will make them available to you as soon as they have been completed.  I also plan to make the MAC board and the associations operations more visible to you by providing better communications and disseminating of information.  All member have a right to know how we are conducting and managing your association and hold us accountable when we let things fall short.  Measures will be put in place, in the not too distant future to make this happen. 
So, please join me in making the USATF – Metropolitan (MAC) brand a household name and our association one of, if not, the best associations in USA Track & Field.  I welcome all constructive ideas and volunteers, so please feel free to reach out to me.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to serving and working with all of you to build a bigger, better and brighter MAC future.
RA Vernon
President, USA Track & Field – Metropolitan
14 Desbrosses Street
New York, NY  10013
888.715.8308 x 1111 (Phone/Fax)  USATF-Metropolitan
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